Product manager, AI programmer

TEK is a 3rd person, single player, sword fighting game created by a team of 4 programmers and 3 artists over two semesters. For more information, visit www.tek-the-game.com

Role on team: product manager and AI programmer. Implemented A* path finding, where the path finding grid is updated based on movement of objects allowing AI to recalculate the closest path based on the changing environment. Created coordinated movement with slot-based formation pattern, so that AI attempts to surround target when possible and each entity in formation takes turns attacking. Set up the finite state machine for specifying AI behavior with AI attributes loaded from fighter XML.

As the product manager, I created the game website and performed focus group testing.



Producer, Physics programmer

Drones is a 3d puzzle game created by a 4 member team over one semester. Because of the short amount of time, our target goal was to get the game to the first-playable milestone by the end of the semester. In this game the player controls a team of drones that he or she can round up and move with mouse gestures to unlock doors and reach the end of the level. Doors are activated by switches that only activate when enough drones are standing on it.

Role on team: producer and physics programmer. Performed collision detection/resolution with bounding boxes, acceleration/deceleration and friction. Helped to set up the event trigger system and serialization of game objects using TinyXML.

As a producer, I sent weekly reports of progress to the instructor and was in charge of the time line.



Hungry Fish

Small side scrolling shooter game developed in Flash CS4. This was originally created as an ActionScript 3.0 learning project. The game is currently incomplete, but playable. This is a project that I will continue working on and eventually turn into a complete game with more enemies, multiple levels/stages, and end-of-level bosses.

Click here to play


Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter is a 2D platforming game created by a team of two programmers over four weeks using C# in Microsoft XNA Studio. In this game, the player is a treasure hunter that must take a bag of gold, fil it, and reach the end of the level.

Created the framework for the game as well as the 2D level editor. The level editor allowed users to quickly and easily toggle between playing the game and the level editor. Implemented file I/O using txt files and created the player controls. I set up the graphics and animations, which also included the creation of a 3-layer, parallax scrolling background.



Begemmed was created as an individual project using C# in Microsoft XNA Studio. It is a 2D match-3 puzzle game. When a row of three or more is created, the icons shrink and disappear and the above icons slide down with new icons created at top.